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TG APPRAISALS has been providing professional real estate appraisal services, in the Toronto, York, Durham, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Clarington, and Northumberland regions. We will provide an in-depth market analysis with a detailed, timely, and accurate appraisal of your property.

We specialize and provide services on Residential properties, Condominium properties, Vacant Land, Waterfront/Cottage properties, Acreage properties, Heritage/Century home properties, pre-construction/in progress properties, and Income producing properties.

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Our Services

Mortgage Financing

Mortgage appraisals are typically asked for when you're applying for a mortgage loan. The bank needs an objective appraisal before they can approve the loan. This is where we help.

Power of Sale

When someone with a mortgage reaches financial troubles, the fairest way to liquidate their assets to repay their loan, a power of sale, is enforced. To make sure the property is sold at fair market price a real estate appraiser's service is enlisted.

Capital Gains

Capital gain occurs when the value of the asset increases above the purchase price of the asset. When this happens, the investor has to have the asset appraised to determine the true value of the property for CRA tax purposes.

Employee Relocations

From time to time companies may require an employee to be relocated to another location. In these instances, due to the short timeframe, the company typically enlists the help of an appraiser to help fairly evaluate the value of assets and liquidate them.

Estate Settlement

During the unfortunate times of someone's death, their assets are dispersed according to their will. In the instance when a property is split between multiple beneficiaries, an appraiser is enlisted to fairly provide a value for the property to be sold or distributed.

Asset Divisions

Occurs when the split between two parties involves a primary property. An appraiser is enlisted to give a fair evaluation of the property in question to aid in deciding who gets what and how much of it.

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